SUNRISE (2013-ongoing)

SUNRISE is a new FP7 project in which we are studying, together with other EU partners, how to sustainably exploit and protect our vast oceans, crucial providers of oxygen, food, hydrocarbons and other important natural resources. WLAB is supporting NEXSE, working towards an IoT-based solution composed of distributed networks of intelligent underwater sensors/actuators. These networks are fully integrated with an ad-hoc back-end software infrastructure to empower open collaborative interactions and developments. SUNRISE directly addresses Future Internet Research and Experimentation – FIRE – EU initiative’s objectives by combining technology with novel paradigms in new, open experimental facilities and by integrating physical systems with software development in a new physical domain, an underwater marine Internet.

PLEASED (2012-2015)

WLAB is the coordinator of PLEASED (PLants Employed As SEnsing Devices), an FP7 FET OPEN project. Together with our partners in Spain, Italy and the UK, we plan to explore the use of plants as sensing and decision-making “devices” when they receive uncontrollable and unpredictable stimuli. While individual plants in a controlled laboratory environment as bio-sensors have been the subject of previous studies, we will consider real field scenarios (e.g. a forest or a meadow) in which signals from several plants are collected over a wireless network and integrated in a suitable way to obtain a consistent and global view of an environment of interest. Eco-compatible, self-sustainable and cost effective plant-based solutions will be studied and devised to tackle two relevant problems of the modern society: 1) air pollution and 2) the use of chemicals in organic agriculture.

Open “Altra Economia” (2013-2014)

Open “Altra Economia” (OAE) was a national funded (FILAS) R&D project aiming at releasing and experimenting with Open Data and free applications to advance the cause of alternative and participatory economics in the city of Rome and the whole Lazio region. “Altra Economia” is an economic structure whose main principles are based on equity, solidarity, efficiency and sustainability. In addition to making available open data sets about “Altra Economia”‘s local commercial activities and NPOs that will be free to use, reuse and redistribute, the project has focussed on studying and devising free OSS platforms, tools and mobile apps to collect, maintain, “crowd-source” and provide such data in a creative, innovative and original fashion.

CHIRON (2010-2013)

The ARTEMIS project CHIRON (Cyclic and person-centric Health management: Integrated appRoach for hOme, mobile and clinical eNvironments) developed and proposed a reference architecture for ubiquitous, person-centric health management. The patient, his/her family, the medical professionals and the whole community represent the stakeholders of the healthcare process and all of them are at the core of the CHIRON system. CHIRON gave contributions to help shifting healthcare processes from hospitals and doctor’s offices to non-clinical settings like nomadic environments and people’s homes.

VITRO (2010-2013)

The FP7 project VITRO (Virtualized dIstributed plaTfoRms of smart Objects – Contract Number: INFSO-ICT-257245 ) aimed to extend the notion of virtual sensor networks (VSN) and address innovative engineering/research topics for the realization of VSN.
A new video demonstrating the project’s latest results and supported scenarios can be found here.
The project’s software code is available on GitHub here.

PharmAID (2010-2012)

The main goal of the EUROSTARS project PharmAID was to create an infrastructure based on passive RFID tags for the pharmaceutical market to:

  • track drugs along the supply chain;
  • certify drugs’ integrity against unsuitable exposure to ambient conditions;
  • prevent drugs’ counterfeiting.

Our specific contribution to the project has been an RFID Reader Abstraction Layer to seamlessly configure and use multiple Gen2 RFID readers in the supply chain.

MOTUS (2008-2009)

MObility and TOurism in Urban Scenarios (MOTUS) was an INDUSTRIA 2015 project aiming at improving the management, sustainability and eco-compatibility of urban mobility. In MOTUS, citizens are key players and act at the same time as customers and providers of infomobility services.
During the project, jointly with the research group of prof. Luca Iocchi at the Department of Computer and System Science of SAPIENZA Università di Roma, we have developed an automatic video surveillance system for traffic monitoring.

PASION and AEOLUS (2007-2009)

WLAB has provided consulting services to the partners of two EU research projects, both funded under 6th FWP (Sixth Framework Programme): AEOLUS (Algorithmic Principles for Building Efficient Overlay Computers) and PASION (Psychologically Augmented Social Interaction over Networks). WLAB’s main duties in the projects:

  • support to the design and implementation of components, platforms and applications serving as demonstrators and “proof-of-concept” for the projects;
  • contribution to the projects’ internal deliverables and presentations;
  • support to the dissemination and publication of the projects’ most relevant results and achievements.