Pervasive Ageing IoT Care – PAGE

In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid surge in assisted living technologies due to a rapidly aging society. The aging population, the increasing cost of formal health care, the caregiver burden, and the importance that the individuals place on living independently, all motivate development of innovative – assisted living technologies for safe and independent aging.

With this rapid population ageing that is occurring worldwide, there is increasing interest in “smart home” technologies that can assist older adults to continue living at home with safety and independence. However, we do believe that technology should adapt to elderly specific needs and not the vice-versa. We cannot expect that elderly will change their habits to use a technology, rather the technology should be designed to be elderly-friendly and effective at the same time. Furthermore we do believe that there is a rich offer of effective services already available in the market. PAGE aims at building an ecosystem specifically designed for the elderly and capable to integrate a variety of such services.