Key People

Andrea Vitaletti has been involved  in several EU and national research/industrial projects. In the last two years he was PI in four EU projects and he is currently the coordinator of the FET OPEN PLEASED. PhD in Computer and Software Engineering, he is assistant professor (ricercatore) in computer science at SAPIENZA University of Rome. He co-authored over 40 publications on international journals and conferences, mainly in the area of protocols and algorithms for wireless networks. In 2002 he founded the WLAB where he currently sits as CTO and in 2012 he founded WSENSE.

Stefano Puglia received a MSc in Computer and Software Engineering and a MEng in Cooperation Engineering for Development both from SAPIENZA University of Rome. Former member of the Middleware & Mobile Applications research group at Telcordia Technologies (ex Bellcore) Applied Research, USA and lead consultant at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), he is now researcher and supervisor of EU funded and national R&D projects at WLAB. His general interests are focussed on mobile and pervasive computing, distributed software systems, open data and technologies and social impacts of technology. He is (co-)author of some national and international publications in these areas.

Davide Lamanna received a MSc in Telcommunication Engineering, a MEng in International Cooperation and Design for Development and a PhD in Computer Engineering all from SAPIENZA University of Rome. Former research assistant at University College London and SAPIENZA University of Rome, he currently works on a number of EU funded projects. He co- authored over 20 publications on national and international journals and conferences. His main interests lie in software engineering, distributed systems, free software and green technologies. In 2006, he  founded Binario Etico, a cooperative company promoting Green IT, re-use of obsolete hardware and mainly working on projects related to cloud computing, open source and open data technologies.

Alessandro Leoni received a MSc in Computer and Software Engineering from SAPIENZA University of Rome. He currently works for Nexse Software Engineering group as principal architect and project manager on industrial projects. He is also research engineer at WLAB with main interest and focus on pervasive computing, RFID systems and advanced user interfaces on mobile devices.