WLAB (Wireless Lab) is a research intensive SME established in 2002 to emphasise a culture of innovation and technical excellence in the area of wireless technologies, mobile/pervasive computing and open/social technologies.

WLAB offers professional consultancy, patents new ideas and devises new prototypes and products in this area.

WLAB is a research partner for universities and ICT businesses in both EU funded and national research projects.

WLAB disseminates its results through technical meetings, scientific publications, participation at (organisation of) workshops, conferences and contests.

WLAB is member of international R&D associations (e.g. ARTEMISIA – Artemis In Action).

WLAB is promoted, financed and managed by Nexse Srl. It also enjoys the cooperation of researchers in the departments of Computer Science at the Universities of Roma1 “SAPIENZA” and Roma2 “Tor Vergata” as well as connections with the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute in Patras, Greece and the ETH Zürich in Switzerland.